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Newbold Gap Year Students Visit Dembidollo, Ethiopia

07 November 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [Philip Brown, tedNEWS] On 5 November Newbold College Gap Year students Saskia Heibutzki, Marieke Hulzinga, Judy Lewis, Julie Zielke, Spencer Tonack and Nicklas Risager along with Henrik Jorgensen (Head of Student Experience) returned from a two week trip to Dembidollo... Read more 

Newbold College Partners with Adventist Colleges Abroad

01 November 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [tedNEWS] On Thursday 27 October the Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) Board of Directors voted to welcome Newbold College as an affiliate member of Adventist Colleges Abroad, a consortium of Colleges and... Read more

Hope Channel Helped Me to Find Jesus

03 November 2011 Middle East [tedNEWS] On 31 October 2011, Director of Al-Waad Media Center from Middle East was delighted to share with us an email which he received recently. We found it very encouraging and we are sure that Hope Channel is blessing people all over the world... Read more

'Look at the Reality' Sweeney Tells Ministers

03 November 2011 Watford, United Kingdom [BUC NEWS, tedNEWS] "If we followed national statistics our membership would be over three-hundred thousand," Pastor Ian Sweeney told South England Conference provincial ministers at a gathering on Tuesday... Read more

'Good preaching – What is it?

04 November 2011 St Albans, United Kingdom [Daniel Duda, tedNEWS] As a leader in God’s church, you will probably be asked on some occasions to deliver a sermon to a different audience and/or congregation. Wanting to do your task well, you will inevitably ask: How do I do this well? What is a good sermon?... Read more