21 February 2017 | Sundvolden, Norway [Widar Ursett]  Adventist teachers from across Norway met at Sundvolden, 6 – 8 February to learn the skills of sharing their faith within a world of globalisation, postmodernism and consumerism.

15 February 2017 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  The Executive Committee of the Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists today voted a strong request to the General Conference that consideration be given to issuing a single credential for those in ministry, or to alternately amend existing credentials making them more inclusive.

13 February 2017 | Binfield, UK [Helen Pearson]  Give a lecture a thought provoking title and you will capture an audience. That was certainly true on Tuesday, 7 February as a capacity audience actually overflowed into the corridor for Newbold’s first Diversity Lecture for 2017, ‘Moving beyond Immature Faith – a psychiatrist’s perspective’.

13 February 2017 | Ljubljana, Slovenia [Patricija Virtič]  Extremely cold temperatures, wind and snow around Europe have claimed many casualties. Vulnerable people, including refugees are dying from hypothermia. With this kind of weather, even in Greece, ADRA Slovenia started a project, ‘Let’s warm them!’

10 February 2017 | St Albans, UK [Kirsty Watkins / tedNEWS]  With the UK and Ireland being among the last countries in Europe to release the Mel Gibson blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge, Adventist communities, and especially youth, have been taking advantage of every opportunity to share their faith.

9 February 2017 | Oslo, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  With a significant number of Adventist members working in the health professions, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Norway has organised a Health Association to better meet the needs of their communities.

9 February 2017 | Belgrade, Serbia [Victor Hulbert]  There is nothing better than the satisfaction of giving away money for mission – and then finding those possibilities of mission multiplied. A report of no less than six mission projects from the South East European Union, part-funded by the Trans-European Division Creative Initiatives Evangelism fund, is a case in point.

7 February 2017 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  While many complain at the UK government pushing the retirement age up to 68, eighty-year-old Alan Redfern is still going strong as Assistant director of the General Conference Auditing Service at the Trans-European Division office in St Albans, England.

6 February 2017 | Kaunas, Lithuania [Jurgita Kregždaitė]  Adventist church pastors need more than just theology. In the modern world they also need a clear understanding of media. How do you make a picture tell a story? What can make an article or news report not only interesting, but also relevant? What’s the point of social media?

7 February 2017 | St Albans, UK [Audrey Andersson]  It is with great sadness that we announce the death of former TED Treasurer, Bill Olson, on Thursday, 19 January 2017. Bill served as Treasurer in the Trans-European Division from September 2000 to February 2004.

30 January 2017 | Watford, UK [John Surridge / tedNEWS]  On Sunday, 22 January General Conference Associate Secretaries John Thomas and Claude Richli flew to the UK, from Washington DC and Bangkok respectively, to help lead the first ever TED run Secretariat evaluations covering both Union and Conference level. Trans-European Division Secretariat had evaluated all the Unions within its territory during the previous five years, but this was the first time to roll out the programme to Conference level using a brand new, electronic evaluation tool.

26 January 2017 | Katerini, Greece [Slavica Marčeta]  Croatian Adventist youth have found a more rewarding way to make good use of their winter holidays. After meeting Tihomir Lipohar of ADRA Germany who is supervising work in Greece, they chose to volunteer at a refugee camp in Katerini, just south of Thessaloniki, 26 December – 8 January 2017.

26 January 2016 | Nottingham, UK [Peter Jeynes with Tamara Bloom]  With 2017 declared as #reformation500 across the world, a youth leader and cinematographer in the North England Conference (NEC) have combined their skills to develop a series of 52 short reformation videos. Each episode, released weekly, sets out to detail the spiritual roots of Christians from the 4th until the late 18th century.

24 January 2017 | Novi Sad, Serbia [Lászlo Gallusz]  Despite sub-zero temperatures and a flu epidemic running at its peak, church members in Novi Sad, Serbia were impressed that some 100 hundred visitors joined with 200 Adventist members for five public lectures focused on the ‘Quest for the Meaning of Life’.

24 January 2017 | Binfield, UK [Natasha Mirilov]  Over one thousand pastors and lay-members from across the South England Conference (SEC) packed Newbold College’s auditoriums and Newbold Church to attend an annual Evangelism Expo on Sunday, 8 January, making it the largest attended event of its kind.

18 January 2016 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert]  How can a small religious book published 125 years ago still be making an impact today? Walk down the corridors of the Trans-European Division office and staff will soon tell you why.

19 January 2017 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert]  While Hacksaw Ridge may have left cinema screens in some parts of the world, and was outshone by La La Land in the recent Golden Globe Awards, the impact of the man behind the film is still making a real difference in countries where the film is, only now, on release.

18 January 2017 | Birmingham, UK [Peter Jeynes]  In a first meeting of its kind, Officers and Directors of the Trans-European Division (TED) travelled to Birmingham in the English midlands to meet with the worker force of the North England Conference (NEC).

11 January 2017 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  Four building projects and a multitude of children’s outreach initiatives will benefit from the 13th Sabbath offering for the first quarter of 2017. These will include a men’s dormitory at a secondary school in Croatia, a new church and centre of influence in Dublin, Ireland, retasking an old church for mission in central Oslo, Norway, and the building of a Hope Channel media centre in Poland. The final project is to further develop Children’s ministry outreach programmes that are already having surprising success across the TED.

12 January 2017 | Utrecht, Netherlands [Madelon Comvalius / tedNEWS]  More than eighty Dutch and Belgian singles of all ages gathered near the city of Utrecht on Sabbath, 10 December 2016 to be inspired and refreshed. The group included young students, single parents, widows and widowers, lifelong singles and divorcees. This was the second singles’ gathering organised by the Netherlands’ Family Ministries department, following the success of their first one in 2015.

23 December 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  This Christmas thought message was first given as a morning devotional at the Trans-European Division office:

13 December 2016 | St Albans, UK [Raafat Kamal]  In his Christmas message, Trans-European Division president, Raafat Kamal shares his 2016 highlights and his hopes for the coming year.

13 December 2016 | Zagreb, Croatia [Darko Kovačević]  Adventist pastor, Dragutin Matak, was one of three individuals awarded the 2016 Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Award on Friday, 9 December at a ceremony in Zagreb. Together with Dubravka Šimonović and Inoslav Bešker, they were recognised for their promotion of human rights, religious liberty and interreligious dialogue.

12 December 2016 | Oxford, UK [Victor Hulbert / Natasha Mirilov]  In a Europe that has increasingly become a global village, the South England Conference (SEC) organised its first Diversity Conference at Oxford Seventh-day Adventist church, Friday and Sabbath, 25-26 November 2016.

12 December 2016 | Kaunas, Lithuania [tedNEWS] When Bertold Hibner, President of the Lithuanian Conference, asked his team of pastors and Bible workers what they needed to help them be more effective leaders, he discovered an unexpected answer. “We need to learn more about helping our church members with their challenges and pain, and how to manage our own hurts better, too.”

7 December 2016 | St. Albans, England December 6, 2016 [ARM / tedNEWS]  Based at the Trans-European Division office in St Albans, England, the European office of Adventist Risk Management cares for church risk and insurance matters across the whole of Europe and Africa. Training in risk management is an important part of their role.  For some 50 leaders of unions in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) that training happened in Pretoria, South Africa, 8 – 10 November 2016.

7 December 2016 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkins]  Newbold lecturer and TED Campus Ministries director, Tihomir Lazić, was recently awarded his doctorate by the University of Oxford.

5 December 2016 | Daventry, UK [John Surridge / tedNEWS]  ‘Trustees’, the Executive Committee members of our Unions and Conferences, take on a lot of legal and spiritual responsibility when they accept office. While voted for their skills or experience they may, nevertheless, have little knowledge of the work of a trustee in practice.

5 December 2016 | Kuopio, Finland [Sibrina Kalliokoski]  Even in secular Finland, traditional evangelistic methods can still reach people. The fifth evangelistic visit of Richard and Mary Halversen from Florida, USA has clearly demonstrated that, with meetings held in Kuopio Adventist church, central Finland, some 380km north-east of Helsinki.

5 December 2016 | London [Richard Daly / tedNEWS]  Dr Chidi Ngwaba, an Adventist doctor who specialises in the prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases was presented with an honorary Leadership Award at a ceremony in London on Friday, 25 November 2016. Leaders in business, charity, education, NGOs, and health were among those honoured at a special gala at the exclusive May Fair Hotel, London.

2 December 2016 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert]  Just one year on since elected, and six months since he started full time as Health Ministries director for the Trans-European Division, Torben Bergland talks with Victor Hulbert about his role, his expectations and how he believes that the Health Ministries department can make a difference.

1 December 2016 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkins]  Students, staff and special guests gathered at a special ceremony on Friday, 25 November, to dedicate newly renovated classrooms used primarily by Newbold’s School of Business, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first graduates from the College’s Business programme.

29 November 2016 | Bečići, Montenegro [Karen Holford]  Every year family ministry leaders from all over the Trans-European Division come together for a Family Ministry Leaders’ Training event (formerly CFLE) to learn, discover new ideas, share their experiences, and form lifelong friendships. Various modules are covered during several years of training events. This year the training was held in Montenegro’s Hotel Splendid 16-20 November, immediately after TED Year End Meetings.

24 November 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert with Michal Rakowski and Robert Csizmadia]

Karolina and Monika, from Krakow, Poland have spent a lot of time this last month at their local cinema.  Recently baptised teenage twins, you will find them there, dressed in World-War II look-alike T-shirts similar to the uniform Desmond Doss would have worn.  On the back is written, “Desmond Doss saved 75. Jesus saved all. I’m an Adventist like Desmond Doss – ask me more.”

22 November 2016 | Warsaw, Poland [Victor Hulbert]

Anna Samusionek, Dariusz Ginda and Daniel Kluska come from three very different backgrounds. An actress, a footballer and a teenage rebel, all they really have in common is that they are Polish – and that they are vibrant Seventh-day Adventists.

16 November 2016 | Bečići, Montenegro [Victor Hulbert]

Warm smiles, big hugs and plenty of chatter clearly indicate that Year-end Meetings in the Trans-European Division are far more than ‘just for business’. As Executive Committee members arrive in the low-cost splendour of an off-peak holiday resort in Montenegro, friendships are renewed, deep conversations are shared, and ideas are exchanged that influence the direction of the TED for the coming year.

17 November 2016 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkins]

Nine members of the Newbold community joined colleagues and lay members from the South England Conference (SEC) on a two-week mission trip to Brazil, 15 October - 1 November.

17 November 2016 | Bečići, Montenegro [Natasha Mirilov]

The Trans-European Division (TED) leaders and South England Conference (SEC) workers, ministers and directors shared a Sabbath together in Bečići, Montenegro on Friday and Saturday, 11-12 November 2016.

14 November 2016 | Bečići, Montenegro [Victor Hulbert]

Leaders in the Trans-European Division are united in mission. Watch them in discussions at the dinner table or in committee during their Year-end Meetings in Bečići, Montenegro, and you will see a positive exchange of ideas in progress. Together they are looking for positive ways to share the Adventist Message across the varying cultures that include communities from the extremely secular to the Orthodox, Catholic or predominantly Muslim.

10 November 2016 | Vik, Norway [Tor Tjeransen/tedNEWS]

For Scandinavia ADRA annual appeal time comes in the autumn. Norwegian Adventists take to it with enthusiasm – from door-to-do collections by students at Tyrifjord Junior college to car boot and book sales. Whatever method they use, the aim is to raise funds to help those in need.



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