23 August 2016 | Põltsamaa, Estonia [Averonika Beekmann]  It is not just youth that like camping! The same spirit of exuberance, togetherness, worship and joy can be experienced at the opposite end of the spectrum. That is certainly true in Estonia where, for the past ten years, older members of the Church have gathered together for an annual camp.

22 August 2016 | Stadskanaal, Netherlands [Chigemezi N. Wogu]  Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist believers from across Europe descended on the small Dutch town of Stadskanaal on Wednesday, 17 August to encourage one another and share Jesus in the local community. They were among over 1,000 people attending the 22nd annual Ghanaian camp meeting themed ‘Living in Expectancy’, 14 – 21 August at a holiday centre in Stadskanaal, a town of 32,715 people in the northeast of the Netherlands.

18 August 2016 | Hlíðardalsskóli, Iceland [Victor Hulbert]  Until Tuesday, 9 August, most of the 75 delegates at the European Faith and Science Conference would have supposed that lava was only lava – the molten rock that flows out of volcanos destroying everything in its path. Now they are wiser – after all, spending a week on an island composed almost entirely of lava can quickly make you an expert, especially when accompanied by a local geologist.

19 August 2016 | Huis Ter Heide, the Netherlands [Nelske Verbaas]  Pastor Wim Altink, President of the Netherlands Union posted a message of forgiveness on the Netherlands Union website after an overnight burglary at the Seventh-day Adventist Church headquarters in Huis Ter Heide was foiled by an effective alarm system and a rapid response by police and emergency services.  

11 August 2016 | Pembrey, Wales [Victor Hulbert]  Peter-Bo Bohsen likes to have fun. That fun is infectious and has been spreading across Pathfinder Camporees and camps in Serbia, Norway, Denmark, the UK and Poland this summer. Taking on a new role in the Trans-European Division as Pathfinder director he comes to the camps bringing a high level of expertise in Pathfindering, pioneering, and making Christianity real and practical for a new generation of children and youth.

3 August 2016 | Jõhvi, Estonia [Averonika Beekmann]  Musically talented children and youth from Estonia and Latvia joined together for a music camp, 23 – 30 July in Jõhvi. Now running for the fourth year – and for the second time with Latvian youth, the camp is the brainchild of two girls from Tallinn who, according to camp organizer, Hans Soosaar, did not want to participate in worship alone, rather including others in their music making.

15 July 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert/tedNEWS]  At least 84 people are dead, including many children, while a further 50 are in a critical condition in hospital after a lorry ploughed through a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France on the evening of Thursday, 15 July.  Three members of one Adventist family are among the injured.

"It is with shock and grief we wake up to the news about the tragedies in Nice," states Pastor Raafat Kamal, President of the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. "We continue to witness the great controversy unfolding in our broken world and we are reminded of our important mission to speak and live the great hope of Jesus Christ and His soon return," he added. "Our prayers are with those who are grieving for the loss of their loved ones that they may be comforted."

14 July 2016 | Binfield, UK [Judith Makaninkhondo]  Over 300 guests gathered to witness the academic success of 40 students at the Newbold College of Higher Education Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 10 July. Graduands included 16 from the United Kingdom, 20 from across Europe, and one each from Russia, Kenya, Guam and Brazil.

14 July 2016 | Athens, Greece [Claudio Gulyas/tedNEWS]  Sea, sand and Ancient History. That is the way most people think of Greece. In more recent years it has also been known for economic turmoil and a major refugee crisis as multitudes of migrants have seen Greece as their entry point into Europe.

11 July 2016 | Belgrade, Serbia [Vlado Havran]  Adventist health experts in Belgrade, Serbia, have found a way to use topical subjects to connect with their communities. In a country where smoking is still a major issue, the South-east European Union Conference Health Ministries department, together with the Belgrade Life and Health Association, developed a 'Say no to Cigarettes' programme for World No Tobacco Day.

5 July 2016 | Tyrifjord, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  The Norwegian Adventist Junior College, Tyrifjord videregående skole, received a massive thumbs-up from local community students during their 19 June graduation ceremony. A total of 55 students received their diplomas marking the end of thirteen years of schooling with many of them coming from the local community where the school is situated.

5 July 2016 | Hajdučica, Serbia [Ana Gagić/tedNEWS]  Some fifty youth from across the South-East European Union (SEEUC) donated money and a week of their time to serve residents of a small village, Hajdučica, near the north-east border of Serbia. Joining them was an initially sceptical TED Campus Ministries director, Tihomir Lazić, who was amazed by what he found.

4 July 2016 | Binfield, UK [Karen Holford]  Karen Holford finds herself impressed by how Newbold College 'knocked the socks off' other conference venues she has attended. She recommends it as a warm, efficient and friendly environment to host a variety of other conferences and events from across the TED.

4 July 2016 | Binfield, UK [Victor Hulbert with Andrew Willis] Two new officers, three new Mission Presidents, and five new Department directors were elected to office on the first morning of the 2016 British Union Conference Quinquennial Session, Thursday, 30 June. By the time the Session closed on Sabbath evening, 2 July, ten newly ordained ministers were added to the Union's worker force.

29 June 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  The most unchristian thing I do each weekday morning is switch on the radio. I do it for one purpose: I want the travel news.

"A lane blocked on the M1 heading south." Good, that's not me. The perennially slow traffic on the M25 approaching Clacket Lane Services. Fine! I don't travel that way.

Three lanes blocked on the clockwise M25 approaching junction 17. "Oh no! That's my route. Terrible!"

27 June 2016 | Binfield, UK [Victor Hulbert]  Meet Lara Žestić. She has a passion for volunteering. As a recent midwifery graduate you might have expected her to settle down, establish her career and reap the rewards of her hard work. Instead, she headed to Thailand, volunteering at 'bamboo school', an orphanage and clinic for 61 children near the Myanmar border.

27 June 2016 | St Albans, UK [TED staff]  On Monday, 27 June 2016, the Administrative Committee of the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church received and accepted the resignation of János Kovács-Bíró as TED Youth Ministries Director.

24 June 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert] On Thursday, 23 June the British people voted by a margin of 3.8% to leave the European Union. With a turnout of 72%, 51.9% of the electorate made the historic decision, changing 43 years of European history since the UK joined the European Community in 1973.

23 June 2016 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  A simple change in the web-address for the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has resulted in a significant improvement for the website in terms of visibility on search engines.

20 June 2016 | Dunkirk, France [Victor Hulbert]  Four church entities and six local congregations worked together on Sabbath, 18 June, to share a live message of hope in the midst of the refugee crisis. Claudette Hannebicque, the leader of ADRA Dunkirk was one of them.

15 June 2016 | Mjøndalen, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  "A little bit up. Straight forward." With a steady hand Tor Magne Eilertsen manoeuvred a large fork lift in the main sanctuary of the Mjøndalen Seventh-day Adventist church, Norway. There were shouts from excited members of the decoration committee as large, wooden elements were mounted on the church walls. When completed, four panels make up a red circular installation with religious symbols and quotes from the Book of Revelation. This is just one third of a large installation depicting Biblical themes.

12 June 2016 | Tartu, Estonia [Averonika Beekmann/tedNEWS]  Ivo Käsk, President of the Estonian Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church was re-elected to office during a weekend of Constituency Meetings, 10-12 June 2016. Virve Toom was elected as Executive secretary, for the first time putting a women in a senior leadership position, while Jaanus-Janari Kogerman who previously cared for both Secretariat and Treasury will now focus on finance.

14 June 2016 | Katarina, Greece [Victor Hulbert / Corrado Cozzi]  Sara Kouĵĵi has put her life on hold. An interpreter for ADRA Serbia, she is translating Arabic to English at a remote refugee camp on the slopes of Mt Olympus in Greece. The children are also rapidly teaching her Kurdish, as the camp she works in is exclusively Yazidi: 1,114 refugees from a persecuted minority in northern Iraq and Syria, 480 of them are children. Why does she do it? "Because I feel I belong here and I make a difference," she says.

13 June 2016 | Binfield, England [Victor Hulbert]  Waking up at 4:00 a.m. for a long drive and a ferry crossing is a minor inconvenience for Sasha Becejac, one of four leaders at the Newbold Seventh-day Adventist Church in southern England. Every Sunday the team fill a car with volunteers, food, and clothes for the eight-hour round trip to a refugee camp in Dunkirk, France.

13 June 2016 | St Albans [NAD staff/tedNEWS]  Daniel R. Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, issued the following statement on June 12, 2016, in response to the mass shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida. Adventist leaders and members across Europe would wish to endorse this statement and offer condolences to and prayers for all who have affected by this tragedy:

11 June 2016 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert]  Nobody chooses to be a refugee. War, persecution, oppressive regimes – there are many reasons why there are currently 60 million displaced persons or refugees in the world. Each one has their story. Each one wants to survive. Each one wants a better life. Each one lives with hope.

10 June 2016 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert with Wim Altink]  The role of women in ministry continues to be a heavily debated topic in many areas around the world, including in the Trans-European Division. The Netherlands Union is a case in point. Their Union Session voted in favour of a motion to ordain women in ministry back in 2012, and the NUC Executive Committee reaffirmed that decision again in May 2013 and again in July 2015 following the General Conference Session in San Antonio.

6 June 2016 | Nicosia, Cyprus [Marica Mirilov]  A free one-day medical clinic in the heart of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus attracted around 200 participants. Run by Seventh-day Adventist church members in the municipal park, Sunday strollers and some 150 relaxed inhabitants were tested, registered and given advice on weight, sugar level and blood pressure checks. Another 50 benefited from a free manicure, pedicure or manual massage.

6 June 2016 | Petra refugee camp, Greece [Victor Hulbert with Corrado Cozzi]  Meet Lina Shalabi. She works for ADRA Serbia as an interpreter at Petra refugee camp on the foothills of Mount Olympus, Greece. She provides translation services in the medical centre for 1,000 Yazidis - 480 of them children. She is there because she cares.

2 June 2016 | Katerini, Greece [Victor Hulbert with Corrado Cozzi]  ADRA team members are working hard to help Yazidi refugees based in a remote refugee camp on the foothills of Mount Olympus in Northern Greece. Stuck in the country since the northern boarders closed, some 1,000 refugees who fled danger and persecution in Iraq and Syria now find themselves in Petra, literally rock, with nowhere to go and no safe home to go back to.

26 May 2016 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkins] The Newbold College of Higher Education Chapter of Sigma Beta Delta was launched earlier this month, welcoming its first five student members.

27 May 2016 | Himmerlandsgården, Denmark [Anne-May Müller]  It is an annual tradition for Danish Seventh-day Adventists. During the ascension-day weekend they meet at their Himmerlandsgården camp ground in the north of the country for camp meeting. In addition to worship and fellowship, this year they also had business to attend to, since the Union had its triennial business session, 4-8 May 2016.

26 May 2016 | EUD & TED offices [Corrado Cozzi / Victor Hulbert]  João Martins is to serve as Adventist Development and Relief Agency Europe director (ADRA Europe) following recommendations from both the Inter-European Division (EUD) and Trans-European Division (TED) Spring Meetings.

25 May 2016 | St Albans [Victor Hulbert]  This article first appeared in the TED Friendship edition of Adventist World, May 2016.

Even for a committed Christian, life can be dangerous when you look to the dark side. Lutz Rental can testify. Brought up in an atheist home in Germany's Rhineland, Lutz nevertheless discovered a Bible in a rubbish skip, started to read, and at age 13 became a Christian, actively involved with his local youth group.

24 May 2016 | Weybridge, England [Victor Hulbert]  What does it take to make you feel like royalty? For Union officers and department directors from across the Trans-European Division it might have been the knowledge that their hotel home during the TED advisory meetings, 16 – 19 May, was built by King Henry VIII for his fourth wife, Anne of Cleaves. It later became a favourite home for Queen Elizabeth I.

25 May 2016 | Binfield, UK [Victor Hulbert]  The headline may sound very profound – but the purpose is simple. With 15 presidents representing 22 countries with diverse cultures, languages and perspectives, how can the leadership of the Trans-European Division follow Christ's desire that 'they may all be one'. (John 17:21)

23 May 2016 | Nicosia, Cyprus [Marica Mirilov] Members and friends of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cyprus were reminded to bring their passports to worship on Sabbath, 23 April 2016. The border of the last divided city in the world was crossed and more than 200 Sabbath-keepers were united across the border, from the North and South.

12 May 2016 | St Albans, UK [tedNEWS]  Karen Holford, Trans-European Division Family Ministries director, recently received the first copy of her latest book, '52 Ways to Parent Happy Children'. A few days later she heard that one of her articles published in Ministry magazine had been given an award by the Associated Church Press in the USA.

11 May 2016 | Watford, UK [Sam O Davies/tedNEWS]  A providentially sunny day on Thursday, 28 April provided ideal weather conditions for twenty-two South England Conference directors and staff to participate in a very practical Crisis Communication Management Training at The Stanborough Centre, Watford.

10 May 2016 | Budapest, Hungary [Victor Hulbert]  Look into Janos Kovács-Bíró's eyes and you see nothing but joy! There is a reason. He has recently travelled back to his homeland for a dual purpose – to share youth evangelism training with Hungarian Youth who want the joy of Global Youth day to be more of a monthly experience.


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