The Message of Hope in Slovenian Prison

01 December 2011 Ljubljana, Slovenia [tedNEWS] Wintley Phipps, Seventh-day Adventist pastor and singer, visited prison facilities in Dob, Slovenia. Invited by EU parliament member Lojze Peterle, Phipps performed in front of prisoners, their families, prison personnel and invitees from political and church domain.


He started the programme with a rendition of The Lord’s Prayer then included some well known worship songs and negro spirituals and finished it majestically with “the sinners anthem” - Amazing Grace. Through the messages of songs and his short presentations between them, Wintley truly “brought hope to all of us,” as Mr. Joze Podrzaj, prison director, said in his thank-you speech. Inmates thanked Wintely Phipps with heartfelt applause and a hand-made beehive panel - traditional Slovenian souvenir. “It was truly inspiring visit of a special person who invests his life in encouraging those who need encouragement most,” said Mr. Peterle in his statement to AdventPress.

Phipps arrived to Slovenia together with his wife Linda from Brussels where he sang at the annual Prayer Breakfast for EU Parliament Members. During his short visit he met also with Robert Friskovec, a coordinator for chaplaincy ministry in Slovenian prisons, and Zmago Godina, president of Slovenian Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church. [tedNEWS]
Photo [from left] Lozje Peterle, Zmago Godina, and Wintley Phipps

tedNEWS Staff: Miroslav Pujic, director; Deana Stojkovic, editor
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